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Awana Ministry Conference 2013

Ft. Worth, TX

September 28, 2013

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
2001 West Seminary Drive, Ft.Worth, TX  

Register now! https://www.regonline.com/dfwamc2013


Keynote Speaker:
Dennis Baw, Senior Pastor of Glenview Baptist Church in Ft. Worth


Dennis Baw was called to Glenview as Senior Pastor in September,1979. He and wife, Cindy, previously served in ministries in Irving, Texas, Florida and Arkansas.

He and Cindy are proud parents of two daughters, now grown and married. They especially enjoy being proud grandparents.

Dennis enjoys ministering to all age groups from babies to senior adults.




1. What is Awana Ministry Conference?
It's the biggest Awana event of the year! Hundreds of Awana leaders will come together for a day of teaching, fellowhsip, and encouragement. Awana Ministry Conference is the one event you don't want to miss! 

AMC typically begins with a general session which includes uplifting music, announcements, recognition of churches, and a challenging keynote speaker. The rest of the day includes four workshop periods with about 20 distinct workshops offered in each period, followed by a closing session.

2. What is the cost?
Registration costs include lunch, conference packet, door prizes, donuts and coffee, and a fantastic day of fellowship and training.

Before September 18th at midnight:
$30 per Awana Leader
$15 per Teen Student Leader (formerly LIT, must be age 18 or under) 

One Pastor for free
(Pastor must be paid church staff. Churches are encouraged to bring their Senior Pastor to take advantage of this opportunity)

After September 18th at midnight:
$40 per Awana Leader
$25 per Teen Student Leader (formerly LIT, must be age 18 or under)
One Pastor for free

If registration is received before midnight, September 18th, save $10 off per attendee!

3. Will this be a simulcast AMC?
No. The "traditional" conference format is back! Come take advantage of nearly 100 workshops designed specifically for your Awana leaders.

4. How do we register?
Commanders (or Secretaries) are encouraged to register their entire church registration online by September 16th. Please help us out by paying online! If your church requires payment by check, please register online, then mail a Church Check (NOT a personal check) payable to Awana to:

Ft. Worth Awana Ministry Conference 2013
Attn: Taylor Lassiter
2013 Summerwind CT
Denton, TX 76209

5. What is the AMC 2013 schedule?

Tentative Schedule:

7:45-8:15 Church check-in, donuts and coffee
8:15-8:30 Opening music, welcome
8:30-10:00 General Session #1
10:10-11:00 Workshop Period #1
11:10-12:00 Workshop Period #2
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:10-2:00 Workshop Period #3
2:10-3:00 Workshop Period #4
3:15-4:30 General Session #2

6. Will there be a store this year?
Yes! There will be a store this year!

7. What is the "Approved Leaders Plaque" and how do we earn it?
The Approved Leaders Plaque is a special recognition for churches that go above and beyond by making sure their Awana Leaders are the best trained leaders they can be!

Churches earn the Approved Leaders Plaque by having a minimum of 70% of their leaders in attendance at AMC 2013. Churches are awarded during the General Session #1.

8. Is childcare provided?
Sorry, no childcare is provided at any Awana events.

9. What types of workshops will be offered?
The Texas Missionaries are still working on finalized the workshops to be offered at AMC 2013. Please check this site later for a more updated list of workshops. There will be workshops that apply to every Awana leader, whether you are a veteran leader or brand-new to Awana! We will re-offer some annual favorites, and plus have many new workshops in each period.


10. Will Basic Training be offered?
Yes! We will be offering Basic Training for Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, T&T, Trek, and Journey, as well as specific instruction for Commander, Secretaries, and Game Directors. If your club has some new leaders and you missed the Basic Trainings in August, this is an excellent way to get your new leaders trained as well as update your veteran leaders.

For more information on the Basic Training track at AMC 2013, contact Jo Ellen Ballard at joellenb@awana.org.

11. What is the difference between AMC and Basic Training?
Basic Training is sounds exactly like the title--Basic Training. This training covers the "fundamentals" of how to run a successful Awana Club. Leaders will learn all the requirements of an Awana Leader, all aspects of the club night (Opening Ceremony, Game Time, Handbook Time, Large Group Time, and Closing), and club discipline.

Awana Ministry Conference is an annual event where Basic Training is offered, as well as many other workshops and a challenging keynote speaker. For many leaders, this is the highlight of their club year!

The Texas Awana Missionaries encourage you to make Awana Ministry Conference an annual event for all your leaders--if you have to pick one thing to attend, this is it! The Texas Missionaries encourage all new leaders to attend Basic Training as they begin to serve as Awana leaders, then about once every three years (especially Commanders and Directors) to stay fresh with club fundamentals.

12. Will there be an offering this year?
Yes, there will be an offering for the Texas Missionaries at AMC 2013. We ask that you prayerfully consider coming prepared to financially support the Texas Awana Missionaries in their ministry serving churches to reach kids and families for Christ.

13. How do we stay current with the latest information?
Please check back at this website as the Ft. Worth AMC 2013 date draws near, especially for the latest workshops to be offered. Also, make plans to attend a local PCDL Meeting near you for the latest updates.


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